Zita R. Alamparambil, O.D.

Zita R. Alamparambil, O.D.

Dr. Zita R. Alamparambil is a Bay Area native who grew up here in Fremont, CA. She completed her Doctor of Optometry degree at UC Berkeley School of Optometry.

Throughout her educational pursuit, Dr. Zita had the invaluable opportunity to refine her skills and broaden her expertise. She honed her proficiency in ocular pathology and routine eye examinations through hands-on training at various institutions including the Bay Area Community Health, West Oakland Community Health Clinic, and VA Puget Sound in Washington state. Her commitment to delivering comprehensive, high-quality eye examinations is evident in her approach to patient care.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Zita enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her pup Arlo. She also enjoys hiking, dancing, and cooking which are her outlets for creativity and self-expression. Notably, she hopes to continue volunteering in underserved communities, underscoring her dedication to making a positive impact beyond her practice.

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